Killing and wounding of Azerbaijani civilians at the result of attacks of the armed forces of Armenia

On July 4, at the result of targeted and deliberate attacking of civilians and civilian objects of the Alkhanli village of Fizuli region of Azerbaijan by armed forces of Armenia with 82 and 120 mm mortars and heavy greanade launchers Guliyeva Sahiba (born in 1967) and her 2 years old granddaughter Guliyeva Zahra were killed.Another civilian Guliyeva Sarvinaz (born in 1965) was wounded and civilian objetcts sustained damages.We convey our heartfelt condolences to wounded.

As a result of these provocations of armed forces of Armenia,kiling of elderly  woman and here 2 years old granddaughter and wounding of another civilian and damaging of civilian objects is nothing other than the act of vandalsm and once again proves the terrorist nature of the state of Armenia.

Armenia has been conducting systematic,deliberate and targeted attacks on civilian polulation encompasing inter alia women, children and elderly residing in the densely populated areas adjacent to the frontline.

Armenias direct and deliberate attacks against the Azerbaijan civilian population and civilian objects,constitute a serious violation of international humanitarian and human rights law, in particular the 1949 Geneva Conventions an Additional Protocol I thereto, the Convention on the Rigths of the Child and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rigtht and Fundamental Freedoms.

After visit the the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs tl the region, when Co-Chairs and the international organizations  call for changing the status quo of occupation by substantive and serious negotiations, Armenia resorts to base and nefarious  provocations aimed at deliberate and targeted kiling of civilians, including children.

 Azerbaijan has repeatedly brought to the attention of the international community that the primary reason of the tension and incidents in the frontline and major impediment to the resolution is the conflict is the unlawful presence of the armed forces of Armenia in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

Response of Armenias political-military leadership to the calls of OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs and the international organizations to re-engage in substantive talks for resolution of the conflict by brutal kiling ang wounding of civilians once again demonstrates the necessity that the Co-Chairs must demand from Armenia to withdraw its troops from Armenia to withdraw its troops from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan in accordance with the norms and principles of international law and relevant decisions and resolutions of the international organizations and change the status quo of occupation.

The responsibility for the current situation completely falls on the political-military leadership of Armenia.





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