24 years (May 8 1992) have passed since the occupation of Shusha city by the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia. The occupation resulted in the destruction of the town of Shusha and 30 villages in the region and the expulsion of more than 24,000 people, which was accompanied by great loss of life.

The 20th century alone saw Shusha, which occupies an important place in Azerbaijan`s history and is considered a museum of wildlife and a town of monuments, being burnt and destroyed by Armenian nationalists three times. Armenians carried out similar crimes in 1905-1906 and 1920.

In 1992, 25 schools, 31 libraries, 25 clubs and culture houses, tens of kindergartens, cinemas, sanatoriums, tourism facilities, museums, including State Drama Theatre and State Picture Gallery, Oriental music instruments factory, more than 170 houses, which were considered architectural monuments, nearly 160 historical and cultural monuments, temples and mosques were destroyed by Armenians in the Shusha region. Armenian vandals, who consider themselves a civilized nation, burned thousands of books and rare manuscripts. They did not even refrain from firing at monuments of outstanding art figures such as Uzeyir Hajibayli who created the world`s rare musical masterpieces.

Armenians have committed countless crimes against the people of Azerbaijan. The years 1988-1993 alone saw bloody clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan claim 20,000 Azerbaijani lives, while 100,000 were injured and 50,000 became disabled. As a result of numerous terrorist attacks 1,200 Azerbaijanis were murdered and more than 1,700 received injuries. Atrocities against peaceful Azerbaijanis have been in breach of all norms of international law, and are crimes against humanity. The Khojaly genocide alone is enough to confirm this. 

növbəti xəbər əvvəlki xəbər