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Definition, category, purpose and types of visa




Visa – is an official document providing legal basis for foreigner, who visits a country in visa requirement regime, to entry to, temporary stay in a period indicated in a visa and leave the country by passing through border crossing points during that period.  



A visa has three categories – diplomatic, service and ordinary.



2 types of visas - entry or transit visas for foreigners and stateless persons visiting the Republic of Azerbaijan are issued in a following way:

  1. Entry visa – validity period of such type of visa is up to 90 days for single entry.
  • Single (ordinary) entry visa – allows only one entry-exit in this period.
  • Multi-entry visa – validity period of this visa is up to 2 years. This visa allows a person to enter a country several times during a relevant period.

Period of stay in a country indicated in a visa is used during a validity period of that visa. Visa that is not used during this period loses its force.

  1. Single-entry or two-entry transit visa – is issued to foreigners and stateless persons to allow transit passage through the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan to a third country. Validity period of transit visa is 30 days; period of stay in a country is 5 days. Transit visas are issued by taking account traffic route via air, water, railway and other transport means and time spend on it.


Foreigners and stateless persons can be issued ordinary entry visas if they visit a country for the following purposes:

  • Business
  • Science and education
  • Labor
  • Tourism
  • Culture and sport
  • Humanitarian
  • Personal travel
  • Treatment

Persons visiting a country for only official purposes are issued diplomatic or service entry visas.

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