State fee

A certain amount of state fee determined by the legislation is subjected to carry out notary acts by the diplomatic representations and consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The state fee to carry out notary acts is transferred to the state budget. When consul goes for notary acts outside the workplace, actual transportation costs should be paid by an interested person (a person applying for notary act).

According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On State fee" the rates of the state fee for conducting notary acts are as follows.

In accordance with Article 17.4 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On State fee" of 2001, in addition, heirs and testators pays for rent of a room, transportation, travel, postal, stationery and other expenses for the protection of real estate property .

The state fee for the duration of storage and retention of documents is paid in advance and the incomplete month is considered as completed month.


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