Registration of notary acts

All notary acts carried out by consul are recorded in appropriate notary registration:

  1. confirmation of the copies of the documents and the accuracy of extractions from the documents in the "1-S" registry;
  2. testament, inheritance certificate and certificate of ownership in the "2-V" registry;
  3. all contractions except for the alienation of immovable property in the "3M" registry;
  4. deposit acts in the "5-D" registry;
  5. legalization of documents in the "6-L" registry;
  6. The following notary act
  7. s are registered in the "7-E" registry:
  • taking measures for the protection of inherited property;
  • authentication of signatures in the documents;
  • confirming the accuracy of the translation of documents from one language to another;
  • confirming the fact that the person is alive;
  • confirming the fact that a person is in a certain place;
  • confirming the identity of a citizen correlates with a person depicted on a photo
  • confirmation of the time of submission of documents;
  • conducting executive records;
  • reception of documents for storage;
  • compilation of the marine protests;
  • providing proof of evidence.

Consul issues an extract from the notary registry on the basis of a written application of legal and natural persons who commissioned or were carried out notary acts, as well as by the court, investigation and inquiry authority. The extract from the notary registry is confirmed by consular seal.


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